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Ilves Toomas Hendrik - Estonia


This bio as updated in 2010.



1976 Columbia University (USA), BA in psychology

1978 Pennsylvania University (USA), MA in psychology

Career and public service

2006- President of the Republic of Estonia

Stanislaw Joe - USA

This bio was updated in 2009.

Joseph A. Stanislaw is founder of the advisory firm JA Stanislaw Group, LLC, specializing in strategic thinking and investment in energy and technology. 

He is Independent Senior Advisor to Deloitte & Touche USA LLP’s Energy & Resources practice. 

He serves as a member of a number of advisory boards for energy, technology, and investment companies.

Naidoo Kumi – South Africa


This bio was updated in 2009

Source: Greenpeace announcement, naming K. Naidoo the new Executive Director of Greenpeace International (June 11, 2009).

Mark - USA


This bio was updated in 2010

Mark Medish is a visiting scholar and senior adviser at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

He joined the Endowment in 2006, and served as vice president for studies from 2006–2008.

 - UK


This bio was updated in 2010

Source: Wikipedia

Mary Kaldor (born 16 March 1946) is a British academic, currently Professor of Global Governance at the London School of Economics, where she is also the Director of its Centre for the Study of Global Governance. She writes on globalisation, international relations and humanitarian intervention, global civil society and global governance.

Parker Richard - USA


This bio was updated in 2010.

Richard Parker is Lecturer in Public Policy and Senior Fellow of the Shorenstein Center at Harvard Kennedy School.

An economist by training, he is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Oxford University. He has worked as an economist for the UNDP, as cofounder of Mother JonesMagazine, and as head of his own consulting firm, serving congressional clients, including Senators Kennedy, Glenn, Cranston, and McGovern, among others.

Papadopoulos Constantine - Greece

This bio was uploaded in 2006

Constantine Papadopoulos is Advisor on European Affairs at Eurobank EFG since 1998. In this capacity he advises the Bank’s management on political and economic developments in South Eastern and Central Europe, as well as in the European Union. Between 1986 and 1998 he was a career diplomat with a special interest in EU affairs.

Pagrotsky Leif - Sweden


This bio was updated in 2009.

Leif Pagrotsky is a Swedish Social Democratic politician, who had various posts in the government of Göran Persson between 1996 and 2006.

In 1997 Prime Minister Göran Persson made Pagrotsky Minister of Trade and in 2002 Minister for Industry and Trade. One of his most publicly known activities during this period was his efforts to promote Swedish popular music export.

Glenny Misha - UK


This bio was updated in 2010

Misha Glenny is an award-winning journalist and scholar who was educated at Bristol University in England and charles University in Prague. A former BBC central Europe correspondent, he covered the fall of Communism and the wars in the former Yugoslavia.

Fishkin James - USA


This bio was updated in 2010

James S. Fishkin holds the Janet M. Peck Chair in International Communication at Stanford University where he is Professor of Communication and Professor of Political Science. He is also Director of Stanford's Center for Deliberative Democracy and Chair of the Dept of Communication.

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