The Foundation's International Honorary Board

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  • Mahmoud Abbas
    President of the Palestinian National Authority
  • Alec P. Alexander
    U.S.A., Economist, University of Santa Barbara
  • Raul R. Alfonsin
    Former President of Argentina
  • Isabel Allende
    Member of Parliament, President of the Chilean Parliament
  • Sten Anderson
    Chairman of the Olof Palme Foundation, Sweden
  • † Yasser Arafat
    Former President of the Palestinian Authority
  • Kenneth Arrow
    Economist, University of Stanford, Nobel Prize winner
  • Constantine Balabanov
    Dean, Human Studies Institute, University of Mariupol, Ukraine
  • † Robert Eisner
    Economist, University of Northwestern
  • Sonia Gandhi
    Chairwoman of the Congress Party of India, Chairwoman of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation
  • Robert V. Keeley
    Former Ambassador of U.S.A in Greece
  • Glenys Kinnock
    Member of the European Parliament and the Labour Party of Great Britain
  • Louis Lefeber
    Economist, York University, Canada
  • Vassos Lyssaridis
    President of the EDEK Party, Cyprus
  • Hurtado Miguel de la Madrid
    Former President of Mexico, Chairman of FONDO de la Cultura Economica
  • Stanley George McGovern
    Former Candidate for Presidency of the Democratic Party, U.S.A
  • † Mwalimu Nuyere
    Former President of Tanzania, Chairman of the Mwalimu Nuyere Foundation
  • Elisabeth Palme
    UNICEF representative
  • Richard Parker
    Economist, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  • Shimon Peres
    Former Prime Minister of Israel, Minister of Foreign Affairs at present
  • Amartya Sen
    Economist, Harvard University, Former Chairman of International Economic Organization
  • Pierre Schori
    Substitute Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sweden
  • Stanley Sheinbaum
    Economist, Philanthropist, Publisher of New Perspectives Quarterly
  • Eduard Shevardnadze
    President of the Republic of Georgia
  • Mario Soares
    Former President of Portugal, Chairman of "European Movement"
  • † Paul Sweezy
    Founder and Publisher of Monthly Review
  • Gough Whitlam
    Former Prime Minister of Australia
  • Abderrahman Youssoufi
    Prime Minister of Morocco