Gabriel Leo - Austria

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Leo Gabriel is a philosopher & political activist, a founding member of the World Social Forum and the European Social Forum. He is one of the principle organisers of the “Summit of Alternatives” which takes place simultaneously with the presidential summit between heads of state of Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union. From 2001 to 2005 he was coordinator of LATAUTONOMY (  , a research project on Multicultural Autonomies in which scientific institutions from six Latin American countries and six European countries participated. He is actively engaged as one of the leading European promotors of the alter-globalization movement. His scientific and journalistic work focuses on the organizing processes in Central and South American indigenous and peasant cultures and their contribution towards Latin American civil society.

He lived extensively in Latin America during the 70s working as a university teacher, researcher and journalist. In 1986, Dr. Gabriel became the scientific director of the Ludwig-Boltzmann (Institute for Contemporary Studies on Latin America in Vienna) and Guest Professor at the universities of Zurich, Managua and Mexico. Between 1992 and 1996 he was editor in chief of “Nueva Tierra Nuestra”, a political review which appeared in fifteen Latin American and three European countries. Born in 1945 in Neunkirchen, Austria, he studied law and political science at the University of Vienna and political anthropology in Paris, where he represented foreign students during the 1968 movement.