Halkiotis Dimitris - Greece

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Dimitris Halkiotis is a former Managing Director of Andreas Papandreou foundation and Professor/Advisor of the Hellenic Open University.

In 1996 he was named Special Secretary for the Education of the Greeks abroad (Ministry of Education), a position he held until 2000. He was an advisor to the Minister of Education (1994-1996). He was a board member of the Hellenic Cultural Foundation and a member at the National Committee for the Protection of Human Rights.

Mr. Halkiotis is a member of PASOK’s National Council, and member of the Secretariat of Planning and Action Coordination sector.

Born and raised in Mitilini, he earned his BA in Education from the Aegean University, and pursued his postgraduate studies at London Education Institute (MA). Mr. Halkiotis holds a PhD in the Economics of Education from the University of Athens.