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  • YOSSI BEILIN - Israel

    f. Member of Knesset and President of Beilink Business Foreign Affairs

    …At the Symi Symposium, we are trying to be very concrete and draw lessons from each other’s experience. And it is not a very big meeting – it is limited to a relatively small number of people who are on a very high level. And this makes it very very interesting.”

  • MATS 

    World Bank Country Director in Middle East and North Africa

    (Symi represents) an opportunity to discuss and contribute, from wherever we are, to this great dialogue that brings politics forward.

  • GERD LEIPOLD - Germany

    Former Executive Director of Greenpeace International

    “I think Symi is a wonderful place to exchange ideas. To learn.
    I am very pleased with how seriously the whole ecological question is taken in Symi.

  • KUMI NAIDOO – South Africa

    Executive Director of Greenpeace International

    “This is my 6th Symi Symposium and I have found it – as always – very stimulating, very innovative in terms of the thinking…”

  • CEM OZDEMIR - Germany

    Chairman of the Green Party

    ... I prefer not to speak so much but to listen because you have such a great audience of people – people you usually read in the newspapers or see on CNN... And here you have them assembled, listening to each other and discussing together the programs of our worlds...I have tried to translate what I hear here into (action) in my daily politics.


    President of the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council

    "I have to stress that it is really rare to have great political leaders (...) take the time to work in this context, with such eagerness and such humility."


    Professor of Economics at Columbia University and Nobel Prize Winner for Economics in 2001

    I want to thank George (Papandreou) for, once again, organizing a splendid conference which has been very uplifting. We discussed how we can respond to the multiple crises which the world is facing today.