Symi Symposium

25 years of the Symi Symposium

Former Prime Minister of Greece, George A. Papandreou describes the fundamental components of the Symi Symposium.

“The Symi Symposium is a remarkable gathering.

It’s a gathering of progressive thinkers, leaders from very diverse sectors such as politics, government, academia, civil society, and innovative business.

This gathering transcends the ordinary, offering a sanctuary with spirited debates and deep learning flourish.

Today, the Symi Symposium continues to serve as a platform for discussing and developing strategies to promote peace and to promote just, social. sustainable and inclusive democracies.

Here, each interaction is more than an exchange of ideas. It’s a fusion of perspectives, fostering a profound understanding that is rare in our fast-paced world.

The discussions take place both in a formal setting, but also
throughout the day from breakfast to evening, over wine or in the sea.

The Symi Symposium is more than just an event. It’s an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to shape a world. that values inclusivity, understanding, and visionary leadership.

I’d like to invite you all to join us in this extraordinary convergence of minds and of hearts. Your insights and experience are invaluable in weaving a tapestry of progressive thought and action.

So we eagerly anticipate the pleasure of your company and the excitement of your contributions.

So let’s make history together.”

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