Agenda 2019 (provisional)

SYMI 2019 July 7-11 | Milatos – Crete


In search of a new paradigm for shared societies


The overarching theme of Symi 2019 is “Democracy and Power – From Hybris to Nemesis: In search of a new paradigm for shared societies”

As the concentration of power and subsequent growing inequality are challenging our democracies, as the evolution of technology creates the illusion that we acquire godlike attributes we need to re-imagine the way our societies address their future. Ancient Greeks have thoroughly described the dangers of Hybris – misuse of power, followed by Nemesis – retribution.

As author Yuval Harari suggests, if current trends continue, algorithms may become the nemesis of an increasingly unequal world. The new longevity and super-human qualities are likely to be the preserve of the techno super-rich, the masters of the data universe. Meanwhile, the redundancy of labour, supplanted by efficient machines, will create an enormous “useless class”.
In which way, this not so distant future can be addressed? It is crusial to build substantive democracies, fighting inequalities, re-designing the future of work, regulating scientific progress and new technologies, implement a new green economic and social deal, promote peace and stability through cultivating a planetary consciousness.

These are some of the topics that will be discussed in our annual international Symi Symposium.

“Symi” is meant to initiate and nurture spirited deliberation in a discreet setting, while giving participants the opportunity to learn from each other in a more personal and substantive way than is usually possible. The overarching ambition of ‘’Symi’’ is to foster ideas that help make our societies more equitable, closer to needs of citizens, and better equipped to overcome global challenges. Our Symposia carry a legacy of deliberations and friendships that have borne fruit in the form of significant policy initiatives, ventures, and public service.